• Is goodcounter really 100% FREE ?
    Yes goodcounter is 100% free and we will never ask you for any money or donations. All of the expenses for servers and running cost are sponsored by our parent company openbluhost
  • How do I access my stats ?
    To review your stats online, go to: login or to our main page and enter your username and password at the webmaster's entrance prompt.
  • How do I retrieve my password?
    If you have misplaced your password, please go to: lostpass and enter your username or user id and email. Your password will be emailed to the address that is registered as your contact email address in your Account Manager.
  • My site is hosted on a shared server - can I still use Goodcounter to track my traffic?
    Yes! Goodcounter is ideal for Webmasters using shared servers as there is no software or log-files to load and save on your shared server. Simply paste the Goodcounter code on your Web pages and let goodcounter take care of the rest!

  • Is Goodcounter compatible with my operating system?
    Goodcounter is compatible with all operating systems as it is both server platform and operating system independent. So whatever you're running, Goodcounter will work for you!

  • Can I alter the Goodcounter code?
    No. You may not alter the code. If you do your stats will not work.
  • Will Goodcounter slow down my website?
    No! The Goodcounter code that you add to your site requires absolutely no additional loading time to your site's pages. All of our counter images are very small.
  • Do you guys offer an invisible counter?
    Yes , we do.

  • Can I install your counter on all of my pages on my website?
    Yes , it is recommended. Goodcounter will track stats for all of your pages.
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