How to install GoodCounter on your website?

GoodCounter is a fast, easy and free website counter anyone is welcome to use. To install GoodCounter on your website follow the steps below.

Step 1

Sign up with GoodCounter to create a free account to get your code.

Step 2

If you are using an HTML website with no Editor -

Login to your website FTP and download all HTML files you would like GoodCounter to track your traffic on. Paste the code at the bottom part of all these pages just before the </body> closes. Upload back the files to your ftp and overwrite the old files.

If you have a PHP website with no Editor -

With PHP it depends what is the structure of your website PHP files. Most common PHP structures will have a footer.php file placed in a folder called "include". If you would like GoodCounter to track traffic on all of the pages on your website paste the code in there and upload it back to your ftp. If you would like GoodCounter to track only a specific page, for example your homepage, paste the code only to your index.php bottom part, just before </body> tag closes.

If you have a CMS with an Editor to manage your website -

Edit your footer.php file (or any other file that includes the bottom part of your website) and paste the code to the bottom part of it.

Important: We do not recommend making these changes if you are not sure you know what you are doing. Doing it the wrong way might cause a loss of data. In case you decide you are making the changes don't forget to backup your files before you do.

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